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Doctor Who s7 Teaser Trailer

Trailer released 3/26/2012 for Season 7 of Doctor Who . . . yeah, I know – I’m slipping.  Hey!  Some of us still have real jobs, you know.


New Doctor Who Series To Start Filming Today

The BBC Website announced a few weeks ago that the new series of Doctor Who will begin filming today.  I’m thrilled yet heartbroken that the series is one step closer to being a part of my weekly television viewing schedule again.

The start of filming for the new series marks the beginning of the end for The Ponds – Amy (Karen Gillan) and Rory (Arthur Darvill).  Though no real hints have been dropped as far as the replacement Companion is concerned, the departure of The Ponds promises to be “a heart-breaking farewell” according to the BBS website.  Being a new fan to Doctor Who I can appreciate Rose Tyler, absolutely ADORE Donna Noble and slightly liked Mickey Smith and Martha Jones.  However, The Ponds will always be my Companion(s) . . . one for each of my Gallifreyan hearts.

Matt Smith returning to fill the shoes of the Doctor is at least comforting, though rumors of his departure from the series are also swirling about.  This makes me uneasy in that I have already lost David Tennant and am now emotionally attached to Smith.  Doctor’s coming and going are all a part of the personal connections fans make with the show and oddly enough, mark fixed points in time for a show about – well, time travel!  Writer and Executive Producer Steven Moffat has become somewhat of a master at introducing new Doctors that fans can immediately relate to and accept.  That being said, here’s to hoping we won’t have to go through another regeneration anytime soon.

The one thing missing from this announcement that has me really curious is . . . . why no mention of the return of the one we now know is the third Pond – River Song (Alex Kingston)?  If only I had her TARDIS Journal . . . if only!


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