April 28, 2014

T-Mobile:  What Being An 11 Year Customer Means To Them

I am writing a post that will go up soon regarding my experience over this past weekend at T-Mobile while upgrading my two daughter’s phones.  I was shocked and very disappointed in how the situation was handled so much that I’m writing here for the first time in months in the hopes that this story gets out and T-Mobile re-thinks their view of what Customer Service means.

I have no idea what aftermath this will bring, but at this point I feel this story needs to be shared.  Below is a screen grab of the conversation going on between us on Twitter.




January 10, 2014

Dark Horse Comics and the Year of the Horse

Read up on my thoughts related to the announcement on January 3rd that Dark Horse will be losing one of its major title licenses at the end of 2014 and how it will impact them moving forward.  This year more than ever it is important to support the things we love.



December 13, 2013

Seasonal Updates

Decided I would add a little holiday cheer around here since I haven’t been doing much else with the site lately.  My apologies – but the “real life” job (the one that pays the bills) has taken over my existence in a way I’d rather not discuss at the moment.  However, the end is in sight!  Just a few more days and I will be on vacation until January.  Hence the festive mood.

Shout out to Alexandra Plante who made the Dalek background you’re eyeballs are drooling over.  Go tell her she’s awesome on Twitter for me, okay!


November 8, 2013

World of WarCraft ExPac:  Warlords of Draenor

Announced at BlizzCon 2013 the next Expansion Pack for World of WarCraft will be Lords of Draenor.


October 18, 2013

A Little Friday Fun

Had to share the latest video from the ever hilarious people at Bad Lip Reading on YouTube.  Seriously, if you aren’t already subscribed take two seconds and click that button TODAY!  You could save a Russian Unicorn if you do, and who doesn’t love unicorns regardless of their geography?


October 16, 2013

Hearthstone BETA Key!


I may have gotten a bit overly excited Monday evening when I saw it and squealed like a little girl.  Not ashamed to admit that.  I had been steadily watching my inbox for that beta key from Blizzard for weeks when it finally arrived.  I have seen so many posts and videos about the game that it was all I could do to keep myself distracted while I waited.  But patience (and really having no choice in the matter) paid off and for the past few days I have been playing the game and trying to unlock all the champion decks.

Because it’s not the weekend and I have life, work, family, etc – I haven’t been playing in a dedicated manner like I would want too, but the weekend is half way here and I’m hoping to have enough playing time to be able to write a decent post about it.  Even now I’m writing as quickly as I can to get back to work unlocking all the Champion decks!  Just playing AI matches for now and will start playing other players soon.

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