Est. October 2011

The idea behind NerdCRIT is to establish a place on the interwebs to discuss, share and rate the things that I discover, use or interact with on a daily basis which interest me the most. I’m a Nerd with opinion’s and this is the place I will share them.

The hope is to build a following of fellow Geek’s and Nerd’s to have open and honest discussions about the things we love and are an integral part of our lives.

NerdCRIT Reviews & Rating System:

Using a scale of +1 thru +5 I will rate the things that interest me. Anything from gadgets, books, television shows, software, comic books, computers to PodCASTS and videos – if I like it, I rate it. If I don’t like it, I will probably rate it and go on a rediculously long diatribe. It’s really that simple. From time to time I may ask you to voice your opinions and provide a NerdCRIT rating on things that I may have seen or heard of but have yet to get my hands on.

I hope you enjoy the site and if there is something you’d like to see receive a NerdCRIT rating, email me! Even better, if you disagree with something I’ve said you can let me know in the comment threads, by email at “Nerd.CRIT@gmail.com” or on my Twitter page!
The “Nerd” Behind The Curtain

My name is Brandon and I am a Husband, Father, Nerd, Geek, Techie, Gamer, Amature Writer & Student of Life. (Philosopher? Not sure on that one…) My wife and I along with our three daughters are currently located in the suburbs of Dallas, Texas. I’m most comfortable being the nerdy guy who loves watching television with my family, exchanging witty banter with them over a broad range of subjects, reading my favorite comics or simply spending a Saturday evening sitting at my computer playing WoW with the wife.

Last Updated:  April 2012

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