WOW! Signal & The Reply 35 Years In The Making: We Had To Wait For Twitter!!

August 15th, 1977 – Jerry Ehman scribbles the word “Wow!” in red ink on a piece of paper that reveals something extraordinary.  A deep space radio signal 30 times stronger than normal space “noise” that lasts for 72 seconds and soon becomes the center of much conversation, part of what I like to call “Nerdlore” and known to the world as “The Wow Signal“.

Flash forward to tomorrow and YOU can be a part of beaming a response to that signal back to where it originated, all thanks to Twitter!  Between 7pmCDT Friday(June 29) and 2amCDT Saturday(June 30) anything that is tweeted with the hashtag #ChasingUFOs will be compiled into a massive reply.  Then, on August 15, 2012 the compiled message will be beamed out exactly 35 years to the day after the original message was received with the star constellation Sagittarious in it’s cross-hairs.

So spend your 140 characters (less the hashtag #ChasingUFOs) wisely and have your message included in this publicity stunt from National Geographic Channel and their new show that amazingly enough shares the same name as the hashtag they are using!  I kid, of course – but I highly recommend checking out NatGeo’s website currently cause it is GORGEOUS with all the UFO and Alien graphics and animation right now.

Ah, I miss the X-Files . . . .

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