Free RPG Day 2012!

Today is Free RPG Day and this year, my wife and I actually got to attend!  Yes, you heard me correctly – my wife attended with me (that’s right fellas . . . I got a good one!).

DISCLAIMER:  As painful as this is to admit – In an effort to be as honest and provide full disclosure as it relates to this topic . . . . I have never played a tabletop RPG before of any kind.  (I’ll pause while you regain your composure . . . . ready?  Okay, on with the story . . . )

Since this was my first experience with tabletop RPG’s, to say that I was like a kid in a candy store would be an understatement.  From the moment we entered our local comic shop, I was in a state of “Nerdvana” that still lingers even now.  The free kits our shop had to choose from were:  Cosmic PatrolHârn, NeoExodus Adventure, Warhammer 40k – The Eleventh Hour and Pathfinder – Dawn of the Scarlet Sun.  (I think they may have had a D&D table setup, but never made it over there to see for sure – so if I omitted the Free RPG Day D&D set, please forgive me!)  With my wife being the experienced tabletop RPG’er in our group, she leans towards the D&D side of the scale – so we ultimately decided to join in the Pathfinder – Dawn of the Scarlet Sun game.

As an avid World of WarCraft player – let me just start off by saying that Pathfinder does not disappoint!  The similarities are close enough to endear me to the realm, yet the difference in style of play is enough to breathe new life into this gamer.  The GM we had kept the game moving at a reasonable clip, allowed us to improvise and enjoy each other’s company while getting to know our fellow players and kept us on our toes while in combat.  From start to finish the game had only four Encounters with enough difference in each to allow us to get a good grasp of the mechanics of the game – which according to my wife are “incredibly close to D&D with subtle variations to make it unique“.  The session lasted about two and a half hours, but felt like only 30 minutes.

I captured a few quick shots of the first three Encounters and have posted them below.  I intentionally did not take any of the last Encounter because I hate spoilers and even though the Pathfinder site indicates they are releasing this run on Monday, I still feel you shouldn’t peek and run this game for yourself.  Even though you are playing with pre-built Lvl 5 characters, it’s still worth the time to play – and it’s FREE!

So – how was your Free RPG Day?  What adventure did you undertake?  Let us know in the comments!

Oh, and in case you were wondering (and couldn’t tell by the image at the top of the post) we bought the “Beginner Box” for Pathfinder and are planning on bringing it with us on vacation in a few weeks over the July 4th holiday to introduce our nephews to the game!

Encounter #1:  Ambush Alley w/ Evil Cleric & Gargoyle

This is our first Encounter as a group where we set a trap to ambush an evil Cleric. Little did we know the Cleric was in cohorts with a Red Gargoyle!!!

Encounter #2:  Downing Evil Cleric & Gargoyle

After the Gargoyle carries off the Evil Cleric (after we dealt some damage to her) we followed them to the location of our second Encounter where we downed them both and discovered a doorway leading down to the crypts below . . .

Encounter #3:  Attack of the Undead

As we investigated the burial chamber discovered below the cemetery where our second Encounter took place, our third Encounter pitted us against three Undead NPC’s that were more challenging than you would think – I mean, they are already DEAD! You would think they would die the second time much easier . . . .

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