Torchlight II: Available for Pre-Order with Packaged Deals from Steam

The wait is almost over!

Runic Games announced yesterday that you can now pre-order Torchlight II!  Fans of the original can feel that much closer to the second installment by pre-ordering their copy at either the Perfect World Entertainment site or on the popular Steam platform.  Those who choose to spend their $19.99 via Steam get an added bonus of receiving the original Torchlight.  Steam is also betting on the popularity of the key feature missing from the original game (the co-op functionality) that is now in Torchlight II by offering a “buy three, get the fourth free” deal.  It’s almost a no-brainer to order your copy from Steam, but we do love having options – so there you go!

As a fan of the original game I can’t help but be excited at what Runic has brought to the table for the next installment of Torchlight.  A quick view of some of the new features and game play can be found on the games official site on the “About” page – linked here for your convenience.  The obvious focus is of course the co-op play, but with several of the new features one can’t help but feel the influences of World of Warcraft and for newcomers a touch of SWTOR.  The features screaming World of Warcraft to me are the character customization’s, the open world and fishing.  The hint of SWTOR comes in the feature that was actually in the original where your pet will run to town and sell your loot for you.  So maybe SWTOR has some answering to do in that respect.

Another feature I’m very happy to see was not tossed to the wayside is the moddability of the game via the TorchED interface.  This was one of the most enjoyable features for me in that it was like Runic gave me a digital graph paper notebook in which to build my own dungeons to challenge friends with.  Granted, I wasn’t the most proficient at it but I did love playing with the editor almost as much as I loved running the game.

I fully expect to do a NerdCRIT rating for Torchlight II once it is released this summer.  Until then, newcomers to the game can toss $20 on their Steam account and run the original Torchlight to see what all the fuss is about and then they can sit and wait for the next installment just like the rest of us!  

Only their duration of misery will be drastically shorter.

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