Despite What She Says, This Happened!

The Bloggess (a.k.a. Jenny Lawson) can pretend all she wants – but as of today, her book now exists!  I cannot wait for my copy to arrive tomorrow.  UPS is probably annoyed at the fact that I’ve been SPAMMING their site all day checking to see if my package has moved.

Wait, that sounds totally wrong – forget I said that.

What I meant to say was how hi-frakin-larious I find it that my copy of “Let’s Pretend This Never Happened” was shipped from Sparks, NV!  (For those of you not already aware and who may be new – click here)  I mean, Jenny and I live in the same state – you wouldn’t think her book would have to find it’s way home from Nevada . . . . or Mars . . . . whatever.

I first started reading The Bloggess site about a year ago and was instantly a fan.  Her writing is like reading a conversation with your best friend – but not the made for TV movie friends you see on Oxygen.  I’m talkin’ the real best friend whom you have the really good conversations with and who you would instantly dial the minute you find a dead rodent to see if she wants to call “dibs”.  That or you find a nifty small bow tie that would fit said rodent.  Regardless – it was like finding the friend I never knew I missed and I couldn’t be more happy for her success and new chapter in her life.  (see what I did there?  Cause she wrote a book . . . new chapter . . . nevermind)

Bottom line, this is my way of saying – check out The Bloggess and if you wish to support her and all her brilliantly humorous adventures, then please buy her book as I did.  Hey, we gotta watch out for each other.  Who knows, maybe someday YOU will write a book and want Jenny and I to buy it.  What then, huh?

Plus, I hear that her book is funnier than the Bible.

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