Diablo III: Release Date Pushed Back & Fans Erupt On Forums

Activision Blizzard announced yesterday to the dismay of many fans that the long awaited release of Diablo III has, yet again, been delayed.  They are saying now the game will be released sometime in Q2 of 2012.

This caused the Forums on the Diablo III website to erupt with some less than complimentary threads towards Blizzard – and with good reason.  The constant push of this release has become somewhat of a joke to those who have been waiting for years.  Not to mention Blizzards marketing scheme for World of Warcraft account holders that many feel now was nothing more than a ploy to keep them from dropping their subscriptions and going to the Dark Side by signing up for SWTOR.  The deal was if they signed a contract agreeing to  continue to pay for 1 year of service, that they would receive a free copy of Diablo III when it was released.  At that time, the game was slated for “early release in 2012” which had many people speculating February time-frame or maybe even a special early-early release for those who signed on the dotted line.

Now in 2012, as it has been for a while now, fans have no choice but to sit and wait for whenever Activision Blizzard see’s fit to release the game.  As you can tell from my tone, I too am disappointed . . . and my Tyrael’s Charger Mount I got for signing the contract just isn’t satisfying my desire for D3 . . . especially when you keep teasing me with videos like this.  (Oh, the pretties . . . . )

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