TWiC: Rampant Round-Up

There is a lot to cover in This Week in Comics (please forgive the manic nature of this post) – so let’s get right to it!

The Avengers held a Twitter Chat this afternoon for 30 minutes thanks to the coordinated efforts of @Agent_M at Marvel, Samuel L. Jackson, Clark Gregg, Tom Hiddleston and of course – Joss Whedon as well.  You can review the chat by clicking here or check out more info on Agent M’s site.  You can also follow the Avengers on Twitter (@Avengers) for the latest updates.

In late 2011 DC Comics struck gold with the release of the New 52.  For those who may have missed out on grabbing those first runs, DC has compiled a list of collection books that will be released starting in May of 2012 running through the end of the year.  Click here for the most recent list from DC and be sure to check back for updates as we get closer to their release dates.

DC comics also announced that Jeff Lemire will be taking over the writing for Justice League Dark starting on issue #9.  This will  be after the Justice League Dark / I, Vampire crossover issues # 7 and #8 done by current writer and legend Peter Milligan.  Head over to DC Universe: The Source to read all about what Lemire has planned for the Justice League Dark story arc and how he intends to fill such large shoes.

Image Comics releases their second installment of their acclaimed book Fatale tomorrow.  For those of you who are also struggling to get your hands on the ever elusive Fatale #1, you understand the anxiety that comes with the release of issue #2.   Click here to read how the second issue has already sold out at the distribution level and it hasn’t even hit the shelves yet.  A second run (and possibly a third?) of Fatale #1 is supposed to be on shelves tomorrow as well, but we want that first run!

Last up for this week’s post, but certainly not the least, Marvel releases Punisher (2011 9th Series) #8 tomorrow.  In the interest of being completely honest, I have #1 – #7 of this series but have yet to read them (I know, Janna!  I’m sorry – but I’m working on it….I swear!) but the artwork is phenomenal and the goal is to have read them all by next weeks post to give Frank Castle his proper due.

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