This Week in Comics(TWiC): Deadpool 49.1 and The New 52’s by DC

Having  never really done a “This Week in Comics” (or TWiC) before I could ramble for pages about The New 52 by DC Comics or my renewed love affair with Marvel thanks to their Daredevil reboot in 2011.  However, I feel it would be better served to focus on current issues and new releases coming out tomorrow.

That being said, the first “nod” of the inaugural NerdCRIT TWiC post goes to . . . . Daredevil (2011 3rd series) #8 Variant Cover.  This book is the conclusion of a two-part crossover with the Amazing Spider-Man #677 called “The Devil and The Details” by Mark Waid.  I chose the variant cover art by Lee Bermejo because it simply is the most beautiful variant cover done to date on this series.  This issue was released last week (1/18/2012) and is available now, though the VC cover is running on average about $22 and is getting harder to find.

Moving on to this week’s New Releases we find “The Merc with a Mouth” hitting Broadway in his very first Musical!  Okay, not really – but you gotta love the thought of it.  Deadpool “The Musical!” (2008 2nd Series) #49.1 is being billed as a great way to get caught up on this series before “Dead” begins with #50 slated to be released on 2/08/2011.  Though Marvel’s site continues to be the bane of my existence when it comes to looking up issues, releases, etc. (seriously, am I the only one with this complaint?) – several sites out there have the preview of #49.1 up for you to look at.  I suggest visiting Deadpool Bugle to check it out.  The format of the site and the content is clever and clean for all things Deadpool.

The New 52 by DC has several titles coming out this week as well.  The ones currently on my radar are Aquaman (2011 5th Series) #5, Batman The Dark Knight (2011 2nd Series) #5, Justice League (2011) #5 and Justice League Dark (2011) #5.

The Aquaman series instantly became one of my favorites of The New 52 for the playful way DC pokes fun at this less-popular super hero and for the stunning artwork they put into the series so far.  The combination of story, artwork and comedic jabs make it a must have for any DC fan.  Not to be out-done by one of their own, the Justice League (2011) #1  issue was crowned  the best-selling comic book of 2011 according to a post from USA Today.  In that same vein, the Justice League Dark series has captivated me as well and has me itching to see where the story goes and who will not make it out alive.  Unfortunately I have yet to read either of the Batman or Batman The Dark Knight series in that I am waiting on a few back issues to come in that I missed – so will circle back to these on a later installment of TWiC.

Let me know what books you are most looking forward to this week in the comments section below!  And really, if you have tips on how best to navigate – post those there too….

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